Are Coffee Cups Recyclable?

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There is a lot of confusing dialogue out there about how you’re meant to dispose of takeaway coffee cups sustainably.

The main question: can you recycle coffee cups, or not?

Unfortunately, it’s not an entirely straightforward answer. But with Australia using and disposing of an estimated one billion coffee cups every year (source), and the United Kingdom reportedly using and disposing of 2.5 billion coffee cups each year (source), it’s more important than ever that we learn how to get it right.

So, let’s set the record straight.

Paper cups are technically recyclable, however, in Australia, the major paper recyclers do not have the equipment capable of recycling them.

How can we dispose of cups responsibly?

bioplastic compostable coffee cupbioplastic compostable coffee cup

We know recycling isn’t a practical solution for disposing of coffee cups. But, that doesn’t mean that landfill is the only other option. Organic recycling, also known as composting, provides a sustainable, cost-effective solution that can convert used coffee cups into nutrient-rich compost.

Where industrial compost facilities exist along with green waste collection services, certified compostable coffee cups and lids can be repurposed and converted into compost.

Are you a business that wants to make a difference? Join the Compost Network (previously known as BioPak Compost Service) to start composting your BioPak compostable packaging and food scraps.

How to dispose of (compostable) BioCups

compost organic waste paper bincompost organic waste paper bin

Check to see if your council accepts compostable packaging in your green waste bin or find a cafe participating in the BioPak compost collection service. Simply dispose of the cup and lid into the bin where it will make its way to an industrial compost facility and be converted into compost.