Voices For The Rainforest

Rainforest Rescue Coffee Cup with rainforest art

BioPak is proud to support and promote the arts community with the BioCup Art Series globally. Our BioCups also serve as a canvas to educate and raise awareness of important conservation initiatives. In our latest fundraiser, 18 global influencers share their stories and artworks to support Rainforest Rescue, a not-for-profit protecting the rainforests of this world.

Rainforests play a critical role in fighting climate change with 30 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions stored in our rainforests. Explore our latest Voices For The Rainforest series and help us fight climate change by raising awareness for the lungs of our world, our rainforests.

Green rainforest jungle treesGreen rainforest jungle trees
Green rainforest jungle treesGreen rainforest jungle trees
Green rainforest jungle treesGreen rainforest jungle trees
Green rainforest jungle treesGreen rainforest jungle trees

Introducing The Artists

Our Voices Of The Rainforest artists are championing the inspiring work of Rainforest rescue, raising awareness for the protection and reforestation of the lungs of our world, tropical rainforests. They have created 18 unique expressions that symbolise their love for nature and environmental restoration. Say hello to our 18 artists...

Anna Jones, Chef

Anna Jones art series cup designAnna Jones art series cup design

Anna Jones is a vegetarian chef, stylist and food writer based in Hackney, East London. Anna is the voice of modern vegetarian cooking and the author of the bestselling A Modern Way to Eat, A Modern Way to Cook and The Modern Cook’s Year. Anna believes that vegetables should be put at the centre of every table, and is led by the joy of food. She is passionate about sustainable eating, great produce, eating well and helping others do the same.

Camilla Franks, Fashion Designer

Camilla Franks art series cup designCamilla Franks art series cup design

Camilla Franks is the founder of Camilla, one of Australias leading bohemian luxury fashion labels that uses responsibile and ethical sourcing. In order to raise awareness of the devastating effects that climate change and coral bleaching have caused upon the reef, Camilla launched The Reef Capsule Collection in 2019. Camilla Franks also announced Camilla's $20,000 donation to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, an organisation that combines research, tourism, industry and conservation, to create awareness and educate Australian about the threat to our reefs.

Patty Mills, Thee-Time Olympian & NBA Champion

Patty Mills art series cup designPatty Mills art series cup design

Patty Mills is an Australian Professional NBA Champion and 3 time Olympian. Patty was born in Canberra, Australia into a family that was surrounded by basketball. Patty plays with the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA and is the only Indigenous Australian to win an NBA Championship (2013/14 season). He is also a triple Olympian (Beijing ‘08, London ‘12, Rio de Janeiro ‘16) and currently represents the Australian Boomers. Patty founded the Team Mills Foundation earlier this year, an organisation built on taking courageous and ongoing action to bring long-lasting improvement to people's lives. The foundation will be built on six key principles: family, environment, culture, pathways and opportunities, empowering women and multicultural and diversity.

3 8oz single wall art series cups3 8oz single wall art series cups

Arnhem Bickley, Founder of Arnhem Clothing

Arnhem Bickley art series cup designArnhem Bickley art series cup design

Arnhem Bickley is the founder of Arnhem Clothing, a sustainable clothing brand that is consciously crafted. The range of clothing is characterised by distinctive, signature prints of vintage inspired floral, tribal and earthy designs collected along the way from Arnhem's extensive travels. Arnhem has always been passionate about the natural environment and its inhabitants, as a result, sustainability has been the core of everything she does in her personal life and work places. As a result, Arnhem Clothing donates 1% of swim sales to non-for-profit organisations dedicated to protecting the environment (Greenfleet, Rainforest Rescue and Take 3 for the Sea).

Darren Jew, Photographer & Rainforest Rescue Ambassador

Darren Jew art series cup designDarren Jew art series cup design

Darren Jew is an award winning Australian underwater, wildlife and nature photographer with a passion for capturing and sharing the wonder of the natural world. He is a five time winner of the Canon/AIPP Australian Science, Environment and Nature Photographer of the Year. Darren is the author of three books: Australia – Reef, Rainforest, Red Heart; Far & Wild South and; Underwater Australia. His images are regularly published, exhibited and used by conservation organisations worldwide. As a passionate environmentalist, Darren has worked closely alongside Rainforest Rescue as an Ambassador to deliver real conservation outcomes for the rainforests and the reef.

Eliza Goldsmith, 4 Year Old Artist

Eliza Goldsmith art series cup designEliza Goldsmith art series cup design

At only four years old, much like her guardian angel big sister Iris before her, Eliza Goldsmith is already voicing her concerns for the future of rainforest animals if their habitats remain unprotected. Eliza is Voices for the Rainforest’s youngest Artist and at such a young age, already truly a voice for her whole generation in standing up for the health of the world’s rainforests.

3 8oz single wall art series cups3 8oz single wall art series cups

Elliott Routledge, Artist

Elliott Routledge art series cup designElliott Routledge art series cup design

Elliott Routledge is an Australian based contemporary artist, working out of Sydney in a variety of fields and mediums. He is known for his public art installations, paintings, and sculptures and has exhibited in galleries and installed murals throughout the world. He teamed up with Converse to paint a mural in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, that not only cleans the air but also helps plant trees in Australia’s Daintree Rainforest. The design for the mural was created in collaboration with Rainforest Rescue and draws inspiration from the fauna and flora of the Daintree, promoting the message that ‘Trees are the Answer’. As part of the campaign, a series of colourful patches also designed by Elliott will are now available for purchase, with all proceeds being donated to Rainforest Rescue to help protect and restore the magnificent Daintree Rainforest.

Roxanne Cambridge, Blogger & Social Media Influencer

Roxanne Cambridge art series cup designRoxanne Cambridge art series cup design

Roxanne Cambridge is a Australian blogger and media influencer. She is deeply passionate about conscious living and uses her platforms and large social media following to educate the general public on plant based, minimal waste, low impact living.

Ziggy Alberts

Ziggy Alberts art series cup designZiggy Alberts art series cup design

Ziggy Alberts is an Australian singer-songwriter, whose genuine grassroots story and captivating live performances have built his career as one of Australia’s leading independent artists. Ziggy is a change agent in the industry and an early adopter of green touring and sustainable living. Samuel D Hall has collaborated with Ziggy on this Voices Cup. @ziggyalberts and @samueldhall 

3 8oz single wall art series cups3 8oz single wall art series cups

Ally Langdon, Today Show Host

Ally Langdon art series cup designAlly Langdon art series cup design

Allison Langdon is an Australian reporter, news presenter and author. She is currently a co-host of the Nine Network's breakfast program Today and was previously a reporter on 60 Minutes and co-host of Weekend Today. Allison is an Ambassador for Aussie Ark, an non-for-profit organisation that has vision of creating a long-term future for threatened Australian species.

Jean Danker, Singapore Radio & TV Presenter

Jean Danker art series cup designJean Danker art series cup design

Jean Danker is a Singaporean Radio Presenter at MediaCorp's Class 95, the country’s a number 1 English radio station. As a supporter of Singapore’s Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) and Animal Lover’s League (Singapore’s largest and longest-running no-kill shelter), she is passionate about animal welfare and strives to do as much as she can to use her voice and large following to give back to the world around her.

Liana Cornell, Actress & Rainforest Rescue Ambassador

Liana Cornell art series cup designLiana Cornell art series cup design

Liana Cornell is an Australian actress who was born in Mullumbimby and grew up in Byron Bay.  Liana is a passionate environmentalist/activist who has supported many Australian environmental organisations, such as WIRES, WWF, Rainforest Rescue, Australian Seabird Rescue, Youth 4 Climate March and many, many more. She is a Rainforest Rescue Ambassador and has also contributed to promoting environmental awareness through her various social platforms. She ran an environmental company called Save Our Skins for 5 years, which focused on ecological news, philanthropic work and the continuation of research to help endangered animals and ecosystems.

3 8oz single wall art series cups3 8oz single wall art series cups

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Please note that the BioCup Art Series contains up to three different artist/change makers per size. Unfortunately, we cannot sell individual art cups and cannot guarantee which prints, or which series of prints will be in each carton.