Why Choose BioPak

Rethinking Packaging for the Circular Economy

Our mission is to create sustainable packaging that puts the planet first. At BioPak we champion the transition to a circular economy with industry-leading products made from plants. Our product range is predominantly made from renewable materials and certified compostable.

Switching to BioPak packaging, in conjunction with a waste collection service solution, enables businesses to divert their food and packaging waste from landfill and convert it into nutrient-rich compost.

BioPak combines innovative material design with a business model that is responsible and sustainable to create a truly regenerative brand, one that creates products that are as safe and healthy for people as they are for the environment.

We are proudly carbon conscious and believe in giving back to the communities we operate within. We are dedicated to reducing consumption of fossil fuel-based plastic so future generations can grow and thrive in a better world.

Packaging Made
From Plants

Designed for the circular economy where resources are reused and not wasted.

Responsibly Sourced
& Manufactured

Packaging manufactured ethically from responsibly sourced materials.


We support composting as the best solution for food packaging.


We combat the carbon footprint of our product range, protecting our planet for generations to come.

Good for the Planet, Good for Business

Compostable packaging isn’t just good for the future of the planet, it’s good for business too. At BioPak we offer quality, sustainable products with unbeatable customer service. Our automated processes and economies of scale mean your stock requirements can be met and you will always receive the best price. Our efficient ordering and personalised service is supported by a network of distribution partners across the country to guarantee fast delivery.

Free Two Day Shipping

Place your order before 1pm and enjoy free two working day delivery on orders over £75.

Custom Brand BioPak

Adapt and leverage BioPak to help your brand stand out in the crowd.

Stock Management

Enjoy free storage for 3 months when you order bespoke stock.

Profit for Purpose

BioPak Corporate Responsibility

We take our social and environmental impact very seriously and are committed to driving positive change in our industry and to giving back to the communities we operate within. We work with both local, national and international charities to bring about positive change. Together with our customers we are able to support those most at need as well as environmental restoration initiatives.

  1. Sustainability at BioPak
    Sustainability at BioPak

    We are closing the loop with our innovative compostable food packaging.

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  2. What It Means to Be Carbon Neutral
    What It Means to Be Carbon Neutral

    We explain why it’s so important to fight the climate crisis.

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  3. Why Do Certifications Matter?
    Why Do Certifications Matter?

    Packaging certifications by independent third-parties allow organisations and individuals to assess and verify claims made.

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Our Customers’ Impact in 2019

Kilos of plastic avoided

Tonnes of carbon offset

Kilos of compost created

Trees planted in the Daintree

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