Coffee Cup Lids & Accessories

Discover our eco-friendly BioCup lids and accessories. The BioPak Hot Cup lids are made from CPLA, a biplastic derived from plants, not oil. CPLA is certified industrially compostable. Our Hot Cup accessories are designed with takeaway comfort and convenience in mind. All BioPak products are certified carbon neutral.
  • Cup Sleeves
  • Cup Trays
  • Hot Cup Lids
  1. Black
  2. Brown
  3. Kraft
  4. White
  1. 5-7oz (146-230ml)
  2. 8-9oz (231-300ml)
  3. 12-15oz (351-470ml)
  1. Kraft
  2. PLA bioplastic
  3. Recycled paper
  1. Home compostable
  2. Industrially compostable
  3. Recyclable
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Hot Cup Lids & Accessories 

BioPak ranges an eco-friendly selection of coffee cup lids and accessories to complement the BioCup range of products. Made from rapidly renewable and sustainably sourced materials, the range is compostable or recyclable and carbon neutral.

Coffee Cup Lids

Our cup lids are designed specifically for our BioCups to ensure a leak-proof seal every time to enhance your takeaway coffee experience. Our range includes a variety of shapes and sizes, including white sipper lid with an extended, spill-free spout. We offer commercially compostable bioplastic PLA / CPLA lids. 

Our bioplastic lids are made from Ingeo™, an ingenious bioplastic made from rapidly renewable plant-based resources. Bioplastic has 75% less embodied CO2 emissions than conventional plastic and can be commercially composted. Using bioplastic means that we can move away from our reliance on fossil fuels and move towards a circular economy. Choosing to compost packaging reduces greenhouse gases, returns nutrients back to the earth and improves soil quality. 

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Our eco-friendly coffee cup sleeves are made from eco-friendly paper and are compostable and carbon neutral. Not all paper is created the same and this kraft cup sleeve’s eco-credentials stand up to scrutiny. Provide your customers with extra protection while choosing a better option for the planet. 

Takeaway Coffee Cup Holders

BioPak drink carry trays help enhance a customer’s takeaway experience without causing harm to the environment. Our carry trays are sturdy and, unlike cardboard, save time by not requiring assembly. These drink carriers are carbon neutral and compostable! The nesting design ensures they take up very little space. Available in 2-cup and 4-cup carry trays.