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Custom takeaway packaging is on the rise as businesses know it’s a powerful way to increase brand recognition and deliver a memorable customer experience. By putting your products and service center stage, the right custom packaging solution can help you stand out from the crowd in a competitive market, and with BioPak you can also be confident the materials are sustainably sourced, and made for the circular economy. 

With any customised solution it is important to keep in mind your bespoke packaging can’t just look the part; custom products that look great but don’t deliver on performance will only leave your customers remembering you for all the wrong reasons!

At BioPak we can create almost any shape to enhance that customer experience while delivering a cost-effective and reliable product. With sustainability on everyone’s agenda, we rise to meet every challenge by sourcing the right materials and designing the perfect shape – problem solving at its best.

Our Team, Your Solutions

We have a real passion for packaging, and love to share that passion with our partners. Our quality recommendations aim to deliver accessible, high-end consultancy with a grass-roots approach. We want to be with you all the way from conception to delivery, with our highly experienced team there on hand to walk with you from research and development through to concept creation and rendering. This free service is what enables us to lead the way in sustainable, customised solutions, from branded coffee cups to custom-moulded oyster trays. Our consultative approach ensures we are able to dive into solutions that cover a range of challenges, from portion control to onsite space and storage requirements. We can deliver prototypes in 4-6 weeks and our production turnaround is 12 weeks.

circular innovation by designcircular innovation by design

The Perfect Fit

Interpreting exact specifications and performance requirements for large-volume custom products is a specialised skill. To really drill down into the technical details of a product, without losing sight of overall design and user experience, is a challenge the BioPak Creative and Industrial Design teams understand all too well. Our vision is to provide solutions that capture not only the environmental challenge, but also the specific industry and material challenges to find that perfect, uncompromising solution for our partners.

man holding the product development man holding the product development
a man measuring the product containera man measuring the product container
a man showing another man the product developmenta man showing another man the product development

Our team is specialised in understanding the full lifecycle of our materials and products, including its suitability. Finding creative solutions that overcome traditional packaging limitations and using sustainable materials to do so, is a win-win-win. Our award-winning custom moulded pulp packaging solutions are the perfect example – bespoke solutions that offer this level of customisation mean the possibilities really are endless. Our mould sugarcane pulp is certified home compostable to both Australian (AS5810) and European (NF T51-800) standards.

Valuable Real Estate

Custom food service packaging doesn’t end there, our team understands the value of good branding, whether you opt for custom moulded or an off-the-shelf solution, our in-house creative designers will ensure your customers love your brand as much as you do. Our innovative approach and willingness to trial new customisation technology, is what enables us to be at the forefront of sustainable packaging, from hot-stamping to printed designs, our free consultative approach will ensure you don’t miss out on valuable real estate to deliver your message and engage with the end consumer.

Sustainability is an important value for customers, and our partners know it. That’s why they choose certified compostable and carbon neutral branded solutions – working with our in-house design team, they are able to hero their brand across sustainably sourced packaging solutions, bringing those values to life.  

Custom printed packaging not only looks good in-situ, but also across social channels, in particular when you are a brand taking pride in nurturing a community of brand advocates. User-generated content is great, but even better when your name is all over it!

Take a look at some of our favourites!

Collage of BioPak customersCollage of BioPak customers

Photo credit, from left to right: 1. Blue Harvest, 2. BioPak, 3. Cali Press Juice, 4. Woolworth, 5. Bodyism, 6. Vurger Co, 7. BBagel, 8. Soul Press and 9. Ginger & Mint