Rainbow Trust Chooses Plastic Free To Support The Younger Generation

Rainbow trust children's charity

This week we were approached by Rainbow Trust who would like to share their #EcoChampion story. Karen spoke to Jenny Anne Dexter, Individual Giving and Legacy Manager at the charity, about their decision to switch to plastic-free catering disposables for their events.


Karen: Hi Jenny. Thank you for contacting us and sharing your story. Can you start by telling us about Rainbow Trust so our readers can learn more about your charity?

Jenny: Certainly. We are a charity providing support to families who have a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness. Our Family Support Workers support the whole family including parents, carers, the unwell child, brothers, sisters and grandparents. They bring support and help to families who so desperately need it at home, in hospital and in the community. A family can receive support from the moment of their child or young person’s diagnosis.

Karen: Thanks, Jenny. That must be such a comfort and support to the families. I understand it's the young people who have inspired you to make the switch to plastic-free catering disposables?

Jenny: Yes. We want the children we care for to have the best possible future, which means a healthy planet. Not only can we reduce pollution now, but we can also teach them that we can make a difference with our everyday actions.

Karen: I couldn't agree more. The choices we make today will affect the younger generation. Thank you for choosing BioPak products. Which products do you currently use?

Jenny: The range of BioPak products is excellent, as is the variety of size packs available. So far we have ordered compostable cups and plates which we will use for summer picnics and fundraising events. The money was raised through employee sweepstakes and we will no longer be using single-use plastic at events. We’ve deliberately chosen the ‘I'm a Green Cup’ design so we can share the messaging as far as possible.

Karen: The 'I'm a Green Cup' and 'I am not a plastic cup' ranges are very popular with our customers. If you're going to make the switch, the messaging helps you tell your customers that they're drinking out of a green, plastic-free cup. Thank you for sharing your story with us and for all the great work you are doing at the Rainbow Trust.

About the BioPak products featured:

Click here to view BioPaks wide range of Compostable Hot Drink Cups, including the 'I'm a green cup' pictured above. Click here to view our range of palm leaf tableware, also used by Rainbow Trust.

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If you’d like to find out more about Rainbow Trust, visit their website here –www.rainbowtrust.org.uk