Ecologi Charity Profile



  • Charity name: Ecologi
  • Charity location: Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Charity partner since: 2021

Why We Support This Charity

Ecologi is an environmental organisation that champions two extremely important factors to tackling the current climate crisis - carbon reduction and tree planting. Through Ecologi, BioPak can fund impactful climate solutions, grow our own forest, and see our impact brought to life.

About the Charity

Founded in 2019 by Elliot Coad, Lucy Jack and Alex Price, Ecologi is an environmental organisation that helps restore our planet by funding impactful climate solutions.

Carbon reduction: Ecologi uses contributions to support a broad range of projects that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Each month, they support a range of carbon reduction projects that are certified at the very highest level by Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard.

Tree planting: It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. They are also crucial in preventing ecological collapse. Ecologi have a range of amazing tree planting partners who are able to responsibly plant millions of trees a month.

Our Impact

We donate 1% of our profits to community and environmental projects, and we are pleased that Ecologi is one of these charities. So far, BioPak has planted nearly 22,000 trees, and we will continue to regularly donate to increase this figure as much as we can. 

For more information on Ecologi, click here.

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