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How to Reduce Waste at Events

Whenever we gather together, whether it is for an exhibition, a festival, a conference or a convention, waste is inevitably created. We have opportunities to make a positive difference for the environment by choosing compostable packaging and diverting waste from landfill.

Start Planning Ahead Early

Event planners are the central figures in any event, affecting the choices and experiences of a constellation of suppliers, facilities, caterers, sponsors and attendees.

Our Zero Waste Events Guide is designed for hosts and planners to help reduce negative impacts on the environment and make a positive contribution to the community and the planet.

Choose Sustainable Packaging Solutions

When catering for thousands (or even tens of thousands) of event patrons, disposable foodservice ware is often the safest, most practical and hygienic packaging option.

After use the foodservice packaging contaminated by food and drink residue is often destined for landfill because the contamination can make recycling impractical, if not impossible.

Divert Waste from Landfill

Composting foodservice packaging at events offers a practical closed-loop solution where packaging (and food scraps) completely biodegrades leaving behind no toxic residues and creating nutrient-rich compost instead. Plus, composting food scraps and used packaging lowers the carbon footprint of the event.

Put the Planet First

With consumers increasingly demanding more sustainable solutions, leading event managers are implementing options to reduce waste to landfill.

Find out how three iconic events are moving towards zero waste with carbon neutral, compostable packaging.

How 3 Iconic Events Reduced Waste

  1. NOOSA FOOD & WINE: Reducing Waste
    NOOSA FOOD & WINE: Reducing Waste

    How Noosa Food & Wine Festival are reducing their environmental footprint.

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  2. OZ HARVEST: How the CEO CookOff Went Zero Waste
    OZ HARVEST: How the CEO CookOff Went Zero Waste

    OzHarvest CEO CookOff is reducing waste and supporting the planet.

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    Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon made the switch from plastic cups to compostable cups.

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We’re Here to Help

Our experienced sustainability consultants can assist you on the journey towards a zero waste event. We can provide support from planning and education to waste collection and disposal. Work with us and our national network of distribution, logistics and compost partners to minimise the environmental impact of your next event, and achieve your zero waste goals.

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