BioCup Art Series

The BioCup Art Series is an ever changing gallery, promoting artists from across the world who explore environmental themes at the core of their practice. Delight and engage your coffee customers with new artwork every eight weeks – they can take a dive to the depths of the ocean, walk the desert sands or explore the natural beauty of urban London. Want to feature in our next series?

Spotlight: Ziggy Alberts

Ziggy Alberts is an Australian singer-songwriter, whose genuine grassroots story and captivating live performances have built his career as one of Australia’s leading independent artists. Ziggy is a change agent in the industry and an early adopter of green touring and sustainable living. Samuel D Hall has collaborated with Ziggy on this Voices Cup. @ziggyalberts and @samueldhall

Current Collection

  • Untitled
    By Jazz Mang
  • Nature Study Series
    Nature Study Series
    By Jahna Low
  • The Little Red Dot
    The Little Red Dot
    By Jeraldine Boh
  • Natural Vector #2
    Natural Vector #2
    By Dave Court
  • Floral labyrinth
    Floral labyrinth
    By Tereza Maslova
  • Springstar
    By Rose Ou
  • Coffee Beans
    Coffee Beans
    By Rebecca Houghton
  • Nature's Treasure
    Nature's Treasure
    By Charmaine Ng
  • Dynamic Harmony, Karori
    Dynamic Harmony, Karori
    By Keehwa Hong
  • Succulents Green Echeverias Rosettes
    Succulents Green Echeverias Rosettes
    By Elaine Bozza
  • Our Australian Bush
    Our Australian Bush
    By Katherine Appleby
  • Lake Tekapo
    Lake Tekapo
    By Florence Egasse
  • Tango
    By Skye Elizabeth Carroll
  • Let’s play (Humpback whale calf)
    Let’s play (Humpback whale calf)
    By Renata Bruynzeel
  • Native Gather
    Native Gather
    By Melanie Caple
  • Floral dream
    Floral dream
    By Hannele Fernström
  • Thatgrubgirl
    By Amanda Merrifield
  • Red Pandas
    Red Pandas
    By Gosia Kozdron

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Explore Our Past Series

  • You Are the Bees Knees
    You Are the Bees Knees
    By Gemma Goddard
  • Ziggy Alberts
    Ziggy Alberts
    By Ziggy Alberts
  • Patty Mills
    Patty Mills
    By Patty Mills
  • Kera Wong
    Kera Wong
    By Kera Wong

Become Part of the #BioCupArtSeries

BioPak launched the first BioCup Art Series in August 2013, working with artists who are passionate about the environment and use related themes in their work. These artists identified this collaboration as a platform to gain exposure for their work and broadcast their message that the environment is everyone’s business and our values are global.