food packaging made from plants iconfood packaging made from plants icon

Packaging Made
From Plants

Designed for the circular economy where resources are reused and not wasted.

certified compostable food packaging iconcertified compostable food packaging icon


We champion composting as the best recycling solution for food packaging.

carbon neutral food packaging iconcarbon neutral food packaging icon

Carbon Neutral

We offset the emissions our products create to neutralise their carbon footprint.

b corp certified food packaging iconb corp certified food packaging icon

B Corp

We give back to people and planet, so your purchases directly affect positive change.

Profit For Purpose

We believe in giving back to and supporting the communities we operate in.

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custom branded food packagingcustom branded food packaging

Custom Brand BioPak

Adapt and leverage BioPak to help your brand stand out in the crowd.

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food packaging compost service paper binfood packaging compost service paper bin

Circular Solutions

We are commited to sustainability. This is why we design for a circular economy.

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