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A Healthy Alternative

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By BioPak Team
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Pictured above: YHO's vegan spinach and falafel burger with roasted vegetables and hummus in a beetroot bun served on a BioPak palm plate.

Your Healthy Options (YHO) uses a variety of BioPak’s disposable packaging for their mobile catering business. Our marketing manager, Karen, talks to Paula Hardwick about her decision to use sustainable packaging from BioPak for her business.

Karen: Hi Paula, thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. Your a mobile catering business, is that correct?

Paula: Yes, Your Healthy Options is a mobile catering business appealing to Corporate catering events, Weddings, Festivals and Street food events. We offer a wide range of homemade healthy food options all sourced from local farms and homegrown herbs. We are passionate about what we sell and are very aware of the various dietary requirements and intolerances that have hit the nation. Our aim is to cater to all dietary intolerance’s so no one misses out and everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our food.

Karen: Your food looks delicious and so colourful! Can you talk me through the red burger bun?

Paula: This is one of our best sellers. A beautiful vegan spinach and falafel burger with roasted vegetables and hummus served on a beetroot bun (pictured below). It's a great hit with our customers! We regularly update our menu but we always bring back the best sellers at each event.

Pictured above (left): YHO's vegan spinach and beetroot wraps with a mixed salad, hummus and spicy beans served in BioPak's Kraft Square Cut Sandwich Box. Pictured above (right): YHO's wholemeal pesto pasta with chilli, spring onion and parmesan shavings served in BioPak's Oval Cornstarch Salad Container.

Karen: It looks great on our palm plate and the colours really stand out! Why did you choose to use sustainable packaging for your catering business?

Paula: It is extremely important for Your Healthy Options to use eco-friendly catering disposables because our whole ethos is about using organic produce and nothing synthetic or artificial. So why go against our morals and use containers that are harmful to the planet? That is why we use BioPak’s biodegradable products; they’re softer on the planet and don’t use any of the planet's resources. Natural and friendly, that’s our motto!

Karen: That's great Paula - Loving your motto! Have you had any feedback from your customers on the packaging?

Paula: When attending a variety of events, we make sure to tell our customers that we use biodegradable disposables. Our customers are pleasantly surprised about our efforts to reduce the amount of plastics being used in Britain and often ask where we source our packaging. Of course, we say BioPak! The packaging is strong and reliable and even though they’re not made from ‘standard packaging materials’, they demonstrate and uphold the same purpose as any other but with a better initiative to protect the environment and the planet we live on.

Pictured above: YHO's prawn salad - freshly prepared mixed salad served with Moroccan cous cous, kaleslaw, wild rice and bean salad. Topped with lashings of prawns and lemon; served in BioPak's Kraft Fuzione Tray, with wooden fork.

Karen: Thank you for recommending us Paula and for being this week’s #EcoChampion. It's been great chatting to you and we wish you and Your Healthy Business all the best for the future.

Finally, we asked Paula to provide a testimonial for BioPak:

“BioPak is a reliable and friendly manufacturer, supplying an amazing variety of products to suit every business that is committed to helping protect the environment. The range of products is incredible including the option to have bespoke packaging made to make it more engaging and fit in with the aesthetic of your business. YHO would highly recommend BioPak to anyone and look forward to purchasing more from them in the future. Thank you for everything you do #EcoChampions!”

About the BioPak products featured:

Your Healthy Options use a variety of BioPak's disposable packaging to include: Palm Leaf Tableware, Takeaway Trays, Oval Sugarcane Salad Containers, Kraft Square Cut Sandwich Boxes, and Wooden Cutlery.

Would you like to be our next #EcoChampion? Email sales@biopak.co.uk to find out more.

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