How Pet Food Innovators are Leading the Way Sustainably

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Discover how the manufacturer of pet food, Michie’s of Cornwall, is turning to sustainable pet food container alternatives with BioPak. 

It might not surprise you that the UK has a lot of love for their pets, but did you know that we love our pets so much that we spend on average £180 million per month on them? Yep, that’s a lot of love. 

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What’s more, we want the best for our much loved pets. According to Pet Food Industry, pet food trends are more aligned with human trends than we might have thought; 43% of dog food owners believe it is healthier to limit the amount of red meat, and encourage a plant-based doggy diet…

Just as veganism has seen a rise in popularity, so has sustainability. According to research, consumer goods marketed with sustainability claims saw 7 times the growth of a non-sustainable product - this trend also applies to sustainable pet food claims, which saw a 70% sales increase between 2015-2019 compared to non-sustainable pet food products.

“Quality and transparency has always been a core value here at Michies of Cornwall. We pride ourselves on our zero waste principles, from ensuring any waste meats are donated to rescue centers, to zero packaging waste through the use of BioPak Packaging”

- James Michie, Founder.

So how could you make the simple swap to sustainable pet food containers? Find out how Michie’s of Cornwall chose planet over plastic…

strawberry and banana ice creamstrawberry and banana ice cream

The Challenge 

With the pet food industry valued at 2.7 billion* and set to continue it’s growing trend, it’s no wonder that Michie’s of Cornwall, a high quality, artisan dog food brand, are keeping dog-lovers coming back for more. Founder of the family run Cornwall business, James, started his vision just over 3 years ago with a manufacturing site in Cornwall.

Since then, Michie’s of Cornwall have created a brand built on nutritional insights through their Dog Food Nutritionist and DEFRA quality assured ingredients. Every pack is manufactured and hand-weighed on-site, frozen with a 6 month shelf life and delivered to retail and direct customers alike across the country, from Cornwall to Scotland.

The beauty of overseeing the complete production cycle is the quality control, however it also highlights the challenges around waste. With increased growth, James and his team became inherently aware of the growing amount of plastic involved in manufacturing artisan dog meats and treats.

The Solution

Staying true to their values, Michie’s of Cornwall started looking for single-use alternatives and were introduced to BioPak.

Through the use of BioPak packaging James and his team were able to find a solution to their increased packaging needs through home compostable, industrially compostable and recyclable solutions. Michie’s of Cornwall serve up their nutritionally tailored meats in the BioPak home compostable 600ml BioCane Containers, and their Doggy Ice Creams in the BioPak industrially compostable containers.

Not only did Michie’s find a sustainable packaging solution, through the use of BioCane products they also managed to eliminate the plastic chipping that happens when oil-based plastics are frozen. BioCane is ideal for freezing as it does not compromise the material.

Using the BioPak BioCane range has provided the opportunity to serve their 500g and 300g portions as well as their Artisan Doggy Ice creams in sustainable packaging solutions that align with the circular economy.

The Result

As Michie’s of Cornwall discovered, switching to sustainable packaging is a simple swap that can have a huge impact.

Here’s what happened when Michie’s of Cornwall chose BioPak products:

  • By choosing the Biocane range, Michie’s of Cornwall were able to reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 75% in comparison to fossil-oil based plastic packaging solutions.
  • By using BioPak compostable packaging, Michie’s of Cornwall has been able to divert over 4 tonnes from landfill.

By simply switching to BioPak, Michie’s of Cornwall are preventing the creation of harmful emissions, reducing waste-to-landfill, and removing the need for conventional plastics within the Pet Food industry.