Supporting those most vulnerable during Covid-19

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“You focus more on your belly hurting than you do on your learning if you haven’t had breakfast” Jamie, age 9.


Did you know that in the first three weeks of lockdown due to Covid-19 a YouGov and Food Foundation survey

found that around 3 million people in the UK experienced hunger? 


It’s not surprising, with Coronavirus forecasted to increase unemployment rates by 6.2% in the UK, (source) and families already living hand to mouth being amongst those hardest hit (source). 


That is why the team at BioPak UK have set out to support those most at risk; children living below the poverty line during Covid-19, and we are delighted to announce our partnership with Magic Breakfast


Magic Breakfast is a not-for-profit organisation*, working with 480 schools across England and Scotland to ensure underprivileged children have access to a healthy start to the day, so they can focus on the education available to them.   


The usual Magic Breakfast infrastructure would ensure that their 480 partner schools receive a mix of delicious and healthy breakfast goods to serve at school. Understandably, Covid-19 has meant prioritising children’s health and safety, via school closures and social distancing, however this has not stopped Magic Breakfast in its mission to ensure disadvantaged children, now more vulnerable than ever, have access to a good and healthy start to the day! BioPak are proud to support Magic Breakfast’s new campaign, ‘Keeping Breakfast Going’, where their new delivery model means the charity can deliver tens of thousands of breakfasts every week to those who need it most. 

Delivering to schools & alternative distribution sites

Volunteers support the wider distribution (Some volunteers cover over 100 miles to make these deliveries possible)

Provide as many as 177,000 breakfast servings every two weeks to those who need it most


BioPak are incredibly proud to support #KeepingBreakfastGoing, and will be donating one breakfast per order placed during Covid-19. This ensures children living below the poverty line don’t experience food insecurity, and can continue to learn and develop from home.

“Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU on behalf of our staff and all our families for sorting Magic Breakfast during these unprecedented times. We were able to deliver all breakfasts to our most needed families…” Anonymous School in Birmingham

Follow @magicbreky on Instagram and see for yourself the great work they are doing to give hungry kids a healthy start to the day.

*Registered Charity No. England & Wales 1102510 Registered Charity No. Scotland: SC048202