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Hop Stuff Brewery Says No To Plastic

Hop Stuff Brewery Says No To Plastic
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By BioPak Team
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Pictured above: Hop Stuff Beer served in BioPak's plastic-free cups at the Deptford Beer Festival.  Photo taken by Crispy Dog.

We catch up with Doug from Hop Stuff Brewery at the Deptford Beer Festival to find out why it's important to him to serve Hop Stuff Beer in plastic-free cups.

Karen: Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today Doug. So tell me a bit about Hop Stuff Brewery?

Doug: Ok, so Hop Stuff Brewery began in 2013 out of a love for craft beer. We make craft beer and have two Taproom bars in London. We like to participate in events - roughly 20-30 events per year, ranging from pub beer launches to festivals and event sponsorships. We use BioPak's compostable beer cups for all of our events.

Karen: Thank you for using BioPak's compostable cups. Why is it important to you to use these cups, instead of the conventional plastic cups which a lot of businesses in your industry are still using?

Doug: We need to be responsible when we’re small so we’re responsible when we’re big. Waste is a massive problem and all FMCG companies should be putting themselves under scrutiny to reduce their impact on the environment.

Karen: I agree. We're definitely seeing an increase in businesses becoming environmentally responsible and we hope that by sharing our #EcoChampion case studies, people will see the good work you're all doing and follow suit. So why did you choose BioPak's 'I am not a plastic cup' tumblers?

Doug: We use both the pint and half-pint cups. They’re a light-weight and easy to use solution for our mobile beer dispenser that doesn’t harm the environment. What's more, it’s great that the cups actually explain the environmental benefits on the side so we don’t have to. It all helps to contribute to our brand as being contemporary and self-aware. We are conscious of the environmental impact and the messaging on the cups is very clear that we’re avoiding plastic pollution.

Karen: What has been the customer reaction to the cups?

Doug: Wonderful. Customers feel better about a product that doesn’t contribute to plastic waste.

Karen: That's great to hear. Thank you for sharing your story with us today Doug, and for being this week's #EcoChampion.

About the BioPak product featured:

Click here to view our range of compostable cold drink cups. Our PLA Tumblers are made from renewable cornstarch and the ones featured in this case study have an eco-friendly message printed - 'I am not a plastic cup' - giving a clear message about your commitment to the environment. These cups are very popular at outdoor events. Available in a range of sizes, our pint and half-pint tumblers carry the government approved CE marking.

Would you like to be our next #EcoChampion? Email sales@biopak.co.uk for more information.

If you’d like to find out more about Hop Stuff Brewery visit their website here - www.hopstuffbrewery.com.

2 years ago