Guzman Y Gomez (GYG) is one of Australia’s fastest growing fast-food companies that is reinventing fast-food. They are strongly dedicated to their core values, which include serving quality food, providing memorable customer experiences, being real, supporting each other and having an entrepreneurial spirit.


GYG was founded in Sydney in 2006 by childhood best friends from New York. Their love for authentic Mexican food was not satisfied in Australia, their new home, so they established their own restaurant to meet this gap in the market. They wanted to build a restaurant that had the speed and convenience of fast food, but serving high quality delicious and fresh mexican food.

GYG’s core values are key to every aspect of their business and have fostered a rebellious spirit which helps them really push the QSR market in Australia, especially when it comes to sustainability. These values remain today and impact the sustainable choices that GYG have made by choosing a packaging company as a partner that has sustainability at its core.

Today, GYG has over 167 stores in Australia, Singapore, Japan and the US with over 7,000 employees in restaurants and 200 people in head offices.


There is one million tonnes of organic waste created by Australia’s foodservice industry every year, which is the weight of nearly 19 Sydney Harbour Bridges (source).

In addition to this staggering statistic about the waste created by the foodservice industry, single-use packaging bans are coming into effect across the globe. While a quickly-growing business, GYG was looking for a packaging partner who would help them comply with the single use packaging bans, and help them divert waste from landfill. They needed a partner who:

  1. Could help develop a quality range of packaging that worked as well, if not better than the previous packaging; 
  2. Would develop packaging that looked premium and on-brand;
  3. Was forward-thinking, using best sustainability practices in development of packaging; 
  4. Had a reputation for on-time delivery, as a restaurant without packaging can’t serve food.

GYG approached BioPak 5 years ago to develop a range of packaging that met these needs and they have been working together ever since.


GYG were early adopters of bagasse sugarcane pulp, which is not only compostable, it is also a rapidly renewable resource with a low carbon footprint, as it is a by-product from the sugar refining industry. Functionally it is highly customisable, it is strong and rigid, moisture repellent and also fridge, freezer and microwave friendly. It can ferry food from in-store, during transit and is still in good condition when it gets home.

They also use FSC certified wood and paper. This certification is dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. This prevents illegal deforestation of undesignated land and protects the world’s most ancient and endangered forests.

These packaging decisions support their vision as a premium brand looking to reduce their environmental footprint, using innovative and certified home compostable packaging.


By working with BioPak from July 2020 to June 2021, GYG:

  • Avoided the use of nearly 2mllion kgs of plastic
  • Offset 4.6m kgs of carbon emissions 
  • Planted nearly 500 trees.