GOOD BEER CO: Preserves Great Barrier Reef with Compostable Packaging

BioPak compostable six pack holders for Good Beer Co. Image courtesy of Good Beer Co

The Good Beer Co. is a social enterprise that creates and sells beers in order to fund and support important causes. One issue they have decided to tackle is the increasing threat of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef. Great Barrier Beer, an award-winning Australian lager, was developed by the brewery to encourage beer lovers to drink good quality beers while also doing good for the planet.

Ten percent of every sale of a Great Barrier Beer is donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help them fight the two major threats facing the Great Barrier Reef - climate change and pollution.

The Challenge

Breweries require a packaging solution to keep beer cans held together for the canning line, transportation and on the shelf until consumption. Beer can rings do a brilliant job of this, but once they reach the end consumer they’re on their way to landfill at best. All too often, beer can rings end up in the natural environment posing a deadly risk to wildlife and breaking down into microplastics. It is estimated that that 200 billion aluminium cans are used every single year (source) – that’s a lot of plastic can rings.

The Solution

Good Beer Co partnered with BioPak to safeguard the environment by choosing compostable beer rings over plastic ones. This was the first time the alternative to plastic packaging has been used in Australia with an Aussie manufacturer (source).

 Good Beer Co’s award-winning Australian lager that is helping preserve the Great Barrier Reef. Image courtesy of Good Beer Co.

BioPak compostable BioCane beer rings are plastic-free, made from rapidly-renewable sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar refining industry, and certified home compostable (AS5810). These beer rings are plastic-free and less expensive than plastic beer rings. Save the world while saving money!