Compost Connect Turns One!

Compost Connect Turns One!

We launched Compost Connect in May 2021 with a dream to help the foodservice industry conquer our waste problem and we are very proud of what's been accomplished in just 12 months.

We have launched in three countries – Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and loaded 261 foodservice businesses that champion composting to our Compost Club Map. Together, these businesses have diverted 1,915 tonnes of organic waste from landfill which has avoided the generation of 979 tonnes of carbon emissions. Woohoo!

Composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions and returns vital nutrients to the soil. Food waste that breaks down without oxygen emits the greenhouse gas methane, which is one of the main causes of climate change.

Compost Connect Successes

Diverted 1,915 Tonnes of Waste From Landfill

Avoided 976 Tonnes of Carbon Emissions

261 Businesses Who are Composting

28 Composters Accepted Food & Packaging Waste

80 Australian Councils Composting Packaging from Residents

We have joined forces with Compost Connect to release this brand new data detailing what types of residential composting are offered across Australia. Many councils reported that composting was on the horizon and many are accepting compostable packaging, which is great news for the hospitality industry.

Find out if your council is composting at Compost Connect. If they aren’t composting yet, sign the petition to let them know that you would like them to start.

Governments across the world are investing heavily in composting. It is a key strategy to not only remove waste going to landfill but also reduces carbon emissions.

  • Randwick City Council

    Randwick City Council implemented its FOGO waste collection service for all 156,000+ residents in March, 2021. To assist residents in their composting journey, they provided households with a lime green FOGO bin and an optional kitchen caddy with compostable liners to collect food scraps and packaging.
  • Shire of Augusta Margaret River

    In 2019, more than 16,000 residents were provided a FOGO bin and were encouraged to dispose of FOGO waste and compostable packaging, including certified compostable coffee cups and lids.
  • Bega Valley Shire Council

    Since launching in October 2018, the volume of food waste, garden waste and certified compostable packaging collected via the FOGO service has more than tripled. In the first year alone, residents of Bega Valley Shire diverted 5,000 tonnes of FOGO waste away from landfill.

Want to Start Composting?