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Welsh Border Caterers Lead By Example When It Comes To Sustainability

Welsh Border Caterers is an eco champion
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By BioPak Team
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You often hear of people having a “you only live once” moment that results in a career change.

In Allan Owen’s case, it was a health scare on the M54 during his time working in the dairy industry that forced him to make a career change for the better. Allan now owns a family run catering company, Welsh Border Caterers, that allows him to return to his real love of cooking from back when he was a Rosette Chef in high-end hotels.

He caters for events throughout Wales and the Midlands, which takes him as far down as South Gloucestershire for business. He can provide for almost any event with his two trailers, pop up marquees, wedding catering equipment, private dinner equipment and more. You name it he will work with what you need. He takes the same stance with his high-quality food options, providing anything from baps, baguettes and burgers to curry, chips, doughnuts and a wide range of hot food. You can even opt for a salad or a range of other healthy options if you liked.

Sustainability is at the centre of Allan’s business values, which is why he has turned to BioPak for his biodegradable catering disposables for the last 3 years. Allan uses a wide BioPak compostable range that includes 12 oz cups, burger trays, boxes, baguette trays, clamshells, greaseproof bags and starch cutlery.

When asked why he uses BioPak, Allan said “they are good for the environment, value for money and the service is impeccable as they give the personal touch. Customers always say that it’s nice to see you using biodegradable packaging and not polystyrene.”

Allan strives for sustainability in many other areas of his business too. He sources his ingredients locally where he can, he uses pourable sugar rather than sachets, he manages his waste correctly, his lights are low voltage LED and his staff use only reusable cups and fine china plates. He also told us how much he loves his smart car and endeavours to use it as much as possible to reduce his emissions, which includes his client visits.

Just think how much of a difference we could make if all businesses strived to operate as sustainably as Allan and Welsh Border Caterers.

About the BioPak products featured:

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If you are interested in doing your bit and making the switch to biodegradable catering disposables for your catering company, then get in touch with our sales team at sales@biopak.co.uk to find the right solution for your business.

Like the sound of Welsh Border Caterers? Call Allan on 07854076528 or email welshbordercaterers@gmail.com

Would you like to be our next #EcoChampion? Email sales@biopak.co.uk for more information.



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