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Grouch Coffee Chooses Sustainable Practices For Their Small Business

Grouch Coffee is an eco champion
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By BioPak Team
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Pictured above: Grouch Coffee takeaway taken by@stevielaner

This week's #EcoChampion is Grouch Coffee. Karen spoke to Kelly about their decision to launch Grouch Coffee with eco-friendly principles.

Karen: Hi Kelly. Thank you for getting in touch to share your story. Can you tell us a little more about Grouch Coffee so we can get to know your business?

Kelly: Sure. Grouch Coffee is a Piaggio Ape 'Tuk Tuk' serving speciality coffee and we think it's one of the coolest mobile coffee vans around The Cotswolds and the surrounding areas.

Grouch Coffee was launched in May 2017 and our success has helped us to shape our strong brand. We receive so much positivity about our 'damn good coffee', meaning that our company is continually reaching a further audience and we are now being asked to attend events and special days.

Karen: Sounds great. So where can people expect to see the Grouch Coffee Tuk Tuk?

Kelly: We trade at markets and get to work at some amazing weekend events including car shows, beer festivals, sporting events, fetes and music events - we know proper good coffee is required everywhere! We also get hired privately for parties, weddings and special occasions, and this includes supplying our homebaked brownies as party favours.

Karen: Fantastic! The Brownies sound delicious. I understand that you have an eco-friendly stance, why is this important to you as a business?

Kelly: When we launched the business we wanted to try to use sustainable products, it was even part of our business plan. We like to show our customers that just because we are small, the quality of the product delivered and of course the service, can rival that of an established chain.

Karen: I couldn't agree more, we love supporting small independent businesses. I understand you buy your packaging from BioPak, can you tell me which products you use?

Kelly: All of our hot drinks cups - both 8oz and 12oz - are from BioPak. We also use the compostable black lids for both sizes. Our cold cups and lids for our iced coffees and homemade cloudy lemonade are also bought from BioPak.

Pictured above: Grouch Coffee served in branded Compostable Hot Cups, alongside Grouch Coffee Iced Latte, served in Compostable PLA Tumblers.

Karen: Can I ask why you chose to buy your packaging from BioPak?

Kelly: BioPak's ethos and the fact you're a local independent business means you understand our needs as a small independent business. We feel that BioPak is one of the leaders in their field and we're happy and proud to use their products for our business.

Karen: Thank you. What's the customer reaction been to your eco-friendly practices?

Kelly: We often get asked about our cups. We hand stamp every single one of them ourselves so our brand really stands out. When we are at events we have a sign displayed next to our van that explains how environmentally conscious we are and that we are doing 'our bit'. We explain to our customers how the cups we use can be disposed and offer our customers the option to return their cups to us so that we can guarantee they will be disposed of in the correct way - something that is very important when at events where recycling and composting bins may not be available or clearly labelled.

Karen: Sounds like you're really doing your bit. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us today Kelly and we wish you and Grouch Coffee every success.

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If you’d like to find out more about Grouch Coffee, visit their website here - www.grouchcoffee.co.uk.

Would you like to be our next #EcoChampion? Email sales@biopak.co.uk for more information.



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