Eco-Friendly Double Wall Coffee Cups

Eco-friendly takeaway coffee cups with an extra layer of insulation for those too-hot-to-handle drinks. Consumers can safely enjoy their takeaway coffee in a coffee cup free from fossil-fuel plastics.
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Eco-Friendly Double Wall Coffee Cups

Choose the double-wall coffee cups if hot tea and long blacks make up a significant portion of your hot beverage sales. This disposable coffee cup is designed with an extra layer of paperboard and a textured pattern for additional insulation to protect consumers. A more economical and environmentally friendly solution to double-cupping those extra-hot drinks!

If you're striving for more sustainable business practices, it's important to consider that the extra layer in this insulated cup increases the environmental impact of the paper coffee cup both in production and transportation.

Our eco coffee cups are made from paper sourced from certified sustainably managed plantations and are lined with PLA, a plant-based bioplastic. They are printed with non-toxic, environmentally-friendly water or soy-based inks. We use a heavy-duty, premium quality board to give our insulated coffee cups superior stability, insulation and lid fit.

Our eco-friendly coffee cups are designed to be industrially composted and are accepted in an increasing number of industrial composting facilities. Call us about industrial available in your area.