Clear BioCup: What are the benefits of a clear BioCup?

Benefits of our clear BioCup include:

  • They are made from plant-based bioplastic, not fossil fuels
  • Compared to regular plastic, bioplastic emits up to 80% less carbon and uses 52% less non-renewable energy in the production process
  • They are transparent and suitable for serving cold food and drinks
  • They are certified industrially compostable to the European EN13432 compost standard
  • They can be processed into compost in a commercial compost facility within 12 weeks

Did you know?

If a large sports stadium converted 500,000 plastic cups used at one event to BioCups, it would reduce carbon emissions by 15 tonnes and would save 5.5 tonnes of plastic. That’s equivalent to reducing the emissions produced by driving a new car around the world two and a half times and saving the weight of two elephants in plastic!

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