We act as industry stewards to enable our customers to dispose of our products responsibly, in the most environmentally friendly way. This kind of producer responsibility is a critical part in a global shift towards a circular economy. We have been working with the government, our customers and the waste industry to drive change. We launched a composting service for our customers in 2017 and this year it has evolved into Compost Connect – a not-for-profit and industry-led organisation initiated by BioPak to connect businesses to composters and compostable single-use disposables across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

In its first year, Compost Connect club members diverted 2,000+ tonnes of organic waste from landfill – that was converted into 1,460 tonnes of compost – to get a sense of the scale, think of 146,000 x 10kg bags of compost. Composting helps fight climate change and this diversion of organics from landfill has sequestered 1,060 tonnes of carbon emissions into the soil.

The Federal Government is committed to a National Waste Strategy target to halve food waste by 2030 and in line with this, they aim to provide all households with a compost bin for food and garden waste (FOGO) by 2023. This will have a massive impact on composting infrastructure, help build the Compost Connect Network and help educate people and businesses about composting.

Richard Fine

Founder & Non-Executive Director

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How Does Compost Connect Work?

Compost Connect provides access to products, services and information that facilitates the recovery and recycling of food and compostable single-use product waste.

All Compostable Packaging & Food Waste in One Bin

Save on General
Waste Costs

Divert Food Waste From Landfill

Reduce Greenhouse Gases & Help Fight Climate Change

Increase Customer Loyalty

Compost Connect Numbers

Servicing 2,600+ Suburbs, Across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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Tonnes of waste diverted from landfill
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Tonnes of compost created
10kg bags of compost created
Tonnes of carbon sequestered
Composters accepting compostable Packaging

Compost Connect Turns 1!


Our Progress


In 12 months we have increased our list of composter partners from 17 to 29 – including major international companies like Suez.

265 businesses are part of the Compost Club to date. To expand this number we have been offering incentives and waste recovery trials which involve educating their teams and understanding the challenges and opportunities to improve system efficiency. This year we have run three trials with; two major QSRs, Tourism Noosa (seven businesses including McDonald’s), and two restaurants.

We want to engage with the rest of the industry by adding more packaging supplier members to Compost Connect.

BioPak and Compost Connect released brand new data detailing the type of residential composting that’s offered across Australia – see Compost Connect. 80 councils accept compostable packaging in their residential waste collection. We will continue to petition more councils to do the same. Read more >

We work closely with industry advocacy groups, like the Australian Bioplastics Association, to support wider public recognition of the compost certification logo and have been adding this to more of our products.

End-of-Life Highlights

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Commonwealth Bank Composts

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) feeds its 10,000 employees every day across their three office buildings in Sydney. This many meals can create a lot of packaging and food waste, but by partnering with BioPak and Compost Connect, this waste is being turned into nutrient-rich compost. As early adopters of BioPak’s Compost Connect, CBA implemented ‘green bins’ and signage throughout their Sydney building to ensure all food waste and compostable BioPak packaging was being collected and composted. This year they will be diverting 120 tonnes of organic waste from landfill! This will, in turn, create 84 tonnes of compost, equaling 8,400 x 10kg bags of compost a year.

Councils in Australia Compost Packaging

BioPak and Compost Connect have released brand new data detailing what types of residential composting is offered across Australia. Users can simply search their council and find out if they offer garden waste and/or food waste composting collection from your home, also known as Food Organics & Garden Organics (FOGO). Some councils in Australia accept compostable packaging in their residential areas. Our goal is to petition more councils to follow suit across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

APCO Sustainability Champion Award

The annual APCO Awards ceremony celebrates Australian organisations leading the way in sustainable packaging design and innovation and in late 2021 BioPak won two awards! Our Packaging Future Award for our development of Compost Connect and our founder, Richard Fine, won the Sustainability Champion Award!

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