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Profit for Purpose

BioPak is committed to the principles of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’: People, Planet, and Profit.

As a certified B Corporation, we’re committed to the highest degree of social and environmental performance and public transparency. In other words, we’re a for-profit organisation using business for a better tomorrow.  The B Corp movement demands increased stewardship, absolute transparency, and a paradigm shift in priorities. In 2012, we initiated the BioPak Give Back Fund, and have since donated our time, energy and a total of AUD $4,735,014 to environmental and social charities.

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Kim Jeanneret
Chief Financial Officer

AUD $4.7 million+ Give Back Fund

As a profit for purpose business, we are driven to preserve and protect the environment and give back to the communities we live in. We started the BioPak Give Back Fund in 2012 and since have dedicated our time, energy and a total of AUD $4,735,014.

28,765 Trees Planted or Rescued

We donate 1% of profits to protect forests via Rainforest Rescue, Greenfleet and Ecologi. Since 2012, we’ve helped plant and rescue 153,101 trees.

148,622 Meals Donated

We feed people in need by collaborating with not-for-profit food rescue organisations OzHarvest, KiwiHarvest and Worcester Food Bank since 2022.

133,510 Lives Impacted

MedEarth repurpose medical supplies and equipment destined for landfill, redistributing them as humanitarian aid throughout developing regions like Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. For every AUD $1 we donate, 10 lives will be positively impacted.

Business as a Force for Good

MedEarth - Saving Lives. Saving the Planet.

2023 marked the beginning of our partnership with MedEarth, a charity that repurposes and redistributes medical supplies and equipment discarded by the healthcare industry, bridging the resource gap between developed and developing countries. MedEarth provides both environmental protection and humanitarian aid – a commitment we share at BioPak. Through this partnership, we’ve had a positive impact on 133,515 lives.

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Rainforest Rescue - Quantifying Rainforest Carbon

In 2023, Rainforest Rescue partnered with eco-physiologist and soil scientist Dr. Alex Cheesman of James Cook University (JCU) to estimate the carbon BioPak (and other supporters) had locked away in forest biomass based on our financial contributions towards protected and planted rainforest. BioPak’s protection of 1.05 hectares of mature tropical forests in 2023 has helped hold 857 tonnes of CO2 which is stored in the trees over their lifetime.

The 2.3 hectares of trees BioPak has helped plant on cleared damaged land, plus ongoing growth of plantings from previous years sequestered 320 tonnes of CO2 in 2023 – an amount which will keep growing as the trees mature. To put these tonnes into perspective, 1,177 tonnes of carbon dioxide is equivalent to removing 420 cars from the road for a year!

Christmas Cups for OzHarvest and Shelter – A Cup of Compassion

Christmas Cups have become a tradition between BioPak and OzHarvest in Australia, as well as BioPak and Shelter in the UK. BioPak donates a portion of profits from Christmas Cup sales to each charity, helping support people in need during the festive season. The cherry on top? Our OzHarvest Christmas Cups won the 2023 Labelling and Decoration Design of the Year PIDA award.

Lisa Blair - Sailing For Science And Sustainability

In 2023 we joined forces with Lisa Blair, an Australian sailor, multi-world record holder and passionate environmentalist. Her mission extends beyond world records – she’s committed to community activation, collecting oceanographic data and microplastic samples for several scientific organisations, as well as launching her Climate Action Now campaign. Lisa sees sailing as a platform to encourage climate positive actions and rally communities.

Read Lisa’s Inspiring Story >

Our Progress


Became a B Corp in the UK

Since 2018, our APAC region businesses have proudly held the B Corp certification. These certifications necessitate biennial reassessment, and we have just completed a recent renewal, achieving the highest score among all packaging B Corps. Notably, we are delighted to announce that we secured B Corp certification for our UK operations this year.

28,765 Trees Planted or Rescued

We donate 1% of profits to protecting trees. Trees give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise soil and support the world’s wildlife. In the last 12 months, we have planted or rescued 28,765 trees.

148,622 Meals Donated

We donate 4% of profits to charities and social enterprises to support positive change in our local communities. We work with many social enterprises that focus on meal delivery. In the last 12 months, we have helped OzHarvest in Australia, KiwiHarvest in New Zealand and Worcester Foodbank in the United Kingdom deliver a total of 148,622 meals to people in need in the last 12 months.

133,510 Lives Impacted

MedEarth bridges resource gaps, repurposing medical supplies for environmental protection and humanitarian aid, with a focus on underserved regions like Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. As a non-profit, they rescue usable medical resources from landfills, supporting developing countries. Their mission centres around healthcare as a fundamental human right and a driver of socio-economic progress, striving for universal access irrespective of income or location.

Christmas Cups

In the UK, we donate 10% of our Christmas BioCups revenue to Shelter, supporting the homeless during winter. BioPak also partners with OzHarvest in Australia, donating 5% of cup sales to help those in need during the holiday season.


Expand the Indigenous BioCup Series

Our Indigenous coffee cups feature local Australian Indigenous artists’ captivating artwork, and when you buy them, a portion of the sales support CorporateConnect.AB’s pro-bono work empowering youth in Indigenous communities for positive change. We are working to expand the series with regularly changing indigenous artists.

Support Lisa Blair Sails the World Microplastic Research

We support record-breaking solo sailor’s ‘Climate Action Now’ research into microplastic found in the ocean.


This report and the associated sustainability initiatives include statements concerning BioPak's future business expectations, goals, and commitments to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives. It is important to note that these forward-looking statements carry inherent risks and uncertainties. The actual results may deviate from the envisaged outcomes due to various factors, including but not limited to the actions of our suppliers and business partners, the market appetite for certain materials and the availability of end-of-life options. In addition, BioPak relies, either wholly or partially, on publicly available information and data provided by our suppliers and business partners.  Further, our ability to verify such information (whether now, in the past, or in the future) may be limited by the integrity of the underlying data available at the relevant point in time and the status and evolution of global, supranational and national laws, guidelines and regulations in relation to the tracking and provision of such data.