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Sustainability Reporting 21/22

A Message
From Our CEO
Gary Smith

The last 12 months has shown once again the resilience of our industry and wider community in overcoming a range of challenges that have surfaced from the global pandemic.

Despite these tumultuous times, our loyal customer base, along with an expanding wave of conscious businesses, has led to a steady growth across the company. Our customers are continuing to show a greener way of doing business with an intentional focus on supply chain practices and circular solutions. With this in mind, we are also aware of a growing trend and movement of greenwashing that is confusing the market with misleading environmental claims. As leaders in our industry who pride ourselves on transparency, we are working closely with regulators to call out greenwashing tactics, cementing our position as a trusted brand across the globe.

Our agile business model has led to some exciting innovations over the past year, with many new products entering the market, including our award-winning tomato punnets and oyster trays now available at Woolworths, and our innovative paper straws that are currently used by McDonalds and KFC. Our ambition is to offer each customer the most sustainable solution based on their needs, using tailored solutions that are founded on innovation and world-class technology. We continue to stay one step ahead, seek out new companies with exciting initiatives and build mutually rewarding partnerships. Another exciting development was our entry into local Australian manufacturing, looking at a long-term commitment to creating jobs, strengthening local industries and supporting local communities.

A great feat and notable achievement was also the launch of our very first product stewardship program, Compost Connect – Australia’s first national composting network. Our not-for-profit enterprise has now expanded to both New Zealand and the United Kingdom and was recently recognised by APCO at the 2021 Annual Packaging Awards. Compost Connect plays a huge role in showcasing how composting can be a viable solution to our current waste crisis. Our recent work with Commonwealth Bank demonstrates this, where composting has enabled them to divert 120 tonnes of organic waste from landfill a year, creating 8,400 x 10kg bags of compost instead. We will continue to work with businesses big and small to ignite change in this space.

However, looking to the future, there are a number of opportunities and important steps for our industry. Firstly, we are actively phasing out polyfluorinated chemicals (PFAS) from all BioPak products and undertaking heavy investment in R&D to find a solution that will provide similar functional properties to fibre-based materials that do not rely on PFAS for oil resistance. Currently, we have launched an initial PFAS-free bagasse assortment and have made a commitment to fully transition away from products that contain PFAS by the end of 2023. We will continue to operate with transparency and work closely with industry bodies and regulators throughout this process.

Focusing our attention now on the current plastic bans taking place across the world, our position is in complete support of these bans. We recognise that there are many questions around how the foodservice industry can adopt sustainable practices while managing food safety and hygiene standards, and we will continue to work with the government, councils, businesses and media to educate how our products can be used and disposed of in a way that supports a circular economy. Our continued work with councils through Compost Connect is also leading to real change, with an increase in the number of Councils that accept compostable packaging. We are excited to continue to expand our net zero footprint across the globe and could not do this important work without our dedicated team of 160 strong employees and all of our loyal customers. United together, we are one step closer to a world without waste.

Gary Smith

BioPak CEO

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BioPak was founded in 2006 with the goal to bring more sustainable single-use packaging alternatives designed for the circular economy to the market. BioPak has grown from strength to strength and has been rapidly embraced by distributors and customers alike throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore and this year the United States.

Give Back Fund

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As a profit for purpose business, we are driven to preserve and protect the environment and give back to the communities we live in. We started the BioPak Give Back Fund in 2012 and since have dedicated our time, energy and a total of AUD$3,363,945.

Trees Planted

Planting trees restore endangered and richly diverse rainforests that sequester carbon from the atmosphere. We support Rainforest Rescue, Greenfleet and Ecologi.

Meals Will be Donated

Having supported their work since 2015, this new partnership will help OzHarvest deliver 200,000 meals over the course of the year to some of Australia’s most vulnerable communities. Every dollar we donate to Ozharvest can feed two Australians, and we are humbled to know that our contribution can allow OzHarvest to deliver an additional 200,000 meals over the course of the year.