Takeaway packaging for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Fine-dining restaurant Catalina in Rose Bay has figured out its food packaging for home deliveries

Did you think takeaway was only for pizza and souvlaki? Not any more! Our favourite restaurants, pubs and cafes are adapting to offer takeaway and delivery services to support customers who are self-isolating at home or even in hotels. This means we can now choose an acai bowl for breakfast and house-made charcuterie, like duck mortadella with pickled beetroot, working up to a Japanese wagyu steak for dinner to be enjoyed at home – at a virtual dinner party.

How to choose your takeaway packaging

Takeaway packaging offers a hygienic solution to help businesses continue trading during these tricky COVID-19 times. Choosing the right packaging solution for each dish is the key ingredient to successful home delivery.

1. Prioritise good design. 

Prioritising good design and functionality will ensure your food looks and tastes as good at home as it does for sit down service. Packaging that invites the customer to simply remove the lid and eat directly from the bowl or container avoids double handling and means the food stays warm and is ready to eat immediately. The pre-prepared meal delivery industry does this very well.

2. Try sugarcane pulp bowls and containers 

Sugarcane pulp (bagasse) takeaway packaging is a durable and flexible material that can be moulded into any shape and size making it perfect for foodservice packaging. Check out our takeaway range with two and three-compartment containersbowls and sauce cup options – perfect for separating components of a dish for freshness.

The added environmental benefit is that sugarcane pulp is a plastic-free, rapidly renewable resource. It is a re-purposed by-product from the sugar-refining industry that would have otherwise been burnt.

3. Choose certified carbon neutral and compostable solutions

Choosing BioPak is good for the planet and good for business. BioPak products are carbon neutral, and all compostable products are certified to local and international standards. We also donate 7.5% of our profits to positive change, including 1% to restore and protect damaged ecosystems.

We’ve compiled a snapshot of our takeaway range to help eateries that are new to takeaway get started. Download our takeaway range catalogue here >