Foodbank VIC Receives BioPak Product Donation

Man receiving BioCups in the Foodbank Warehouse

We have donated 130,000 plates and nearly 30,000 cups to Foodbank at the end of last year to help over the Christmas period. Foodbank do such a wonderful job, we are so proud to help out.

Foodbank Victoria is an independent not-for-profit organisation which provides food relief to nearly 500 welfare agencies throughout Victoria. It operates across metro, regional and rural areas of the state and gets more food to more people than any other food relief organisation in Victoria.

In the last year, Foodbank Victoria distributed a staggering 17 million meals, feeding more than 100,000 people each month.

Foodbank rescues food and groceries from throughout the food supply chain including farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and the public. Foodbank sources and distributes fresh, frozen and shelf-stable food products as well as grocery items such as toiletries, laundry and cleaning products.

Items donated may include food and goods that are close to their best before or use by date, be out of specification, have damaged packaging or incorrect labelling, as well as excess stock and deleted lines. Without Foodbank, much of this would end up as landfill.

Rescued food and grocery items are then distributed to welfare agencies such as The Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul, as well as to schools and small community organisations. Unfortunately, the demand for food relief continues to grow.

BioPak is proud to have recently made a significant donation of paper plates and cups to Foodbank. Grocery items such as these are extremely useful to the organisations relying on Foodbank and enable them to direct their limited funds to their core services.

If you would like to find out more about Foodbank Victoria head to the website at

Donations to Foodbank may be made via the website or phone on 03 9362 8300. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible.