Produce Trays

Choose plastic-free produce trays – an eco-friendly alternative to plastic fruit and vegetable trays. All customisable with our free design service.
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Produce Trays

Sugarcane pulp produce packaging is an eco-friendly way to package fruits and vegetables. The 500g and 1kg sugarcane produce trays are perfect stand-ins for plastic berry baskets and are ideal for delicate strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. The 5x5", 6x5", 7x5", 8x5", 1kg trays are easy replacements for the typical styrofoam produce trays that vegetables come packaged in. Our produce trays are designed to reduce the impact on fruits and vegetables while they are being handled, displayed on store shelves, and on their way home with customers. 

Not all takeaway trays are created equal! Conventional trays are usually polystyrene, made from fossil fuels. After a short useful life, these trays usually end up in landfill where they take decades to breakdown, releasing greenhouse gases in the process.

We offer eco-friendly options for takeaway trays, made from rapidly-renewable, responsibly-sourced and rapidly renewable resources like sugarcane pulp. Our sugarcane pulp trays are the first, and only, products of their kind certified to AS5810 Australian/New Zealand home compost standards. 

Made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp – a waste by-product of the sugar refining industry that remains after the juice has been extracted and would otherwise been burned. Our range of sugarcane containers includes clam shellssquare containersrectangle containersbowls and sauce cups with lids.

BioPak eco-friendly takeaway containers are either recyclable or industrially compostable. Composting food packaging reduces greenhouse gases, returns nutrients back to the earth and improves soil quality, and costs less than sending waste to landfill. The BioCane Produce range is certified home compostable, industrially compostable and can be easily recycled in the paper recycling stream.