Rainforest Rescue Update

Bennett’s Tree Kangaroo in the Daintree rainforest

A Bennett’s Tree Kangaroo spotting, leaf litter research, and the powered up native nursery are all in this month’s Rainforest Rescue blog update!

The Land Where 'Roos Live in Trees!

Rainforest Rescue’s, Emily, saw a Bennett’s Tree Kangaroo near one of their properties in the Daintree rainforest. Unlike most other kangaroo species, this one lives almost completely on the leaves of rainforest trees. There have been more sightings in recent years and months in the Daintree, which is an encouraging sign for these ‘near threatened’ species. Further evidence that the work which BioPak has invested in restoring wildlife habitat is taking positive effect!

Lot 46, Cape Trib Rd: Monitoring Leaf Litter

Dr Robert Kooyman, Australia’s foremost rainforest ecologist, along with the Daintree Land Managers and Rainforest Rescue’s Chair, has undergone extensive research on 70 subplots on this 27-hectare property where BioPak has protected four hectares.

The aim was to get photographic information of each ‘subplot’ to record the leaf litter accumulation (leaf litter is an important indicator into the health of rainforest and is the 'food' it needs to keep growing). Research results show that Lot 46 is looking extremely healthy with a huge array of varied litter.

Rainforest Rescue's Native Nursery: Powered Up!

The Rainforest Rescue’s Native Nursery which propagates over 20,000 seedlings a year thanks to BioPak, and is the powerhouse of the nearly 200,000 seedlings planted to restore the Daintree, is now all powered up!

A new renewable energy source of solar panels has been installed, as has a lock-up security container painted by local school kids and the installation of a mobile signal booster. Rainforest Rescue’s Joe says, “We now have 5 bars of mobile reception around the Nursery. I can’t believe it!” This will ensure their seedling propagation will increase significantly given the boost in power and access with the outside world.