Why BioPak is a Profit for Purpose

biopak profit for purpose

As a socially and environmentally responsible business, and certified B corporation, we have an obligation to preserve and protect the environment and give back to the communities we live in. We are focused on giving our customers and the end-consumers of today and tomorrow the confidence that their choice to buy BioPak is making a real difference in the shift to a sustainable, waste-free world.

So, when you purchase your packaging from BioPak, you can trust you are working with a company that puts the planet and people before profits. At BioPak we champion the transition to a circular economy with industry-leading products made from plants. Our product range is predominantly made from renewable materials and certified compostable.

We give back to the communities we operate in by donating 5% of our profits to environmental and social charities to bring about positive change as part of our Give Back Fund, since 2012 we have donated a total of AUD $3,000,000.

This year, BioPak founded Compost Connect in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom as part of our Extended Producer Responsibility give back. Backed by the government and powered by industry, Compost Connect is a not-for-profit initiative to help connect foodservice businesses to composting services to divert their food and packaging waste from landfill.

biopak profit for purpose give back fund charity donationsbiopak profit for purpose give back fund charity donations

Together, We Are Making a Positive Difference 

Every year, we celebrate the positive impact we have on the planet together with our customers, in our relentless journey towards a world with zero waste. BioPak has been carbon neutral for over 10 years, which means we measure and offset all the carbon emissions associated with the production, transport and disposal of our products through the purchase of carbon credits.

BioPak customers have been making a big difference. In 2021, they avoided 20,542 tonnes of plastic, offset 91,394 tonnes of carbon emissions and planted or rescued 39,883 trees!

biopak profit for purpose environmental impactbiopak profit for purpose environmental impact

How Tree Planting Makes a Difference

Planting trees and protecting forests is very important to improve the health of the planet and fight climate change. Forests are considered the ‘lungs of the earth’, because of their ability to draw in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Forest restoration and protection is also a way to mitigate biodiversity loss, which is also a disastrous effect of climate change.

We have donated 1% of our profits to Rainforest Rescue since 2012 and now Greenfleet and Ecologi to preserve and protect endangered rainforests. We have helped them directly plant or rescue 66,180 trees and purchase and protect 5 hectares of land forever. Planting trees restores and rescuing trees preserves our endangered and richly diverse rainforests.

biopak profit for purpose initiative rainforest restoration with rainforest rescuebiopak profit for purpose initiative rainforest restoration with rainforest rescue

Compost Connect and Extended Producer Responsibility

Composting is easy, saves on general waste costs, and helps fight climate change. The perfect solution for the foodservice industry who generate significant food waste and use single-use packaging that contaminate the plastic/paper recycling. 

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy approach under which producers are given/take a significant responsibility – financial and/or physical – for the treatment or disposal of their post-consumer products.

BioPak takes this very seriously, EPR is necessary to deliver a circular economy model for all industries. We are focussed on the foodservice packaging that we produce, but we wanted a solution for all industry players producing packaging – Compost Connect gives us all a forum to accept responsibility and contribute towards the collection and processing infrastructure required to recover and repurpose all our products after use.

Without a collaborative and proactive approach, the collection and recycling of single-use foodservice disposables are unlikely to be meaningfully scaled and hundreds of thousands of tonnes of food, and food-contaminated single-use disposables, will continue to end up in landfills and continue to pollute the environment.

Join the growing number of responsible QSRs and compostable packaging suppliers on the Compost Connect platform and together let's close the loop and eliminate waste. We can make a global impact, all by making changes at the local level.

biopak profit for purpose composting initiative compost connectbiopak profit for purpose composting initiative compost connect