MAD MEX: Fighting the War on Waste

a person presenting a delicious Mad Mex meal in a rectangular sugarcane takeaway container

When it comes to getting food and drinks in a hurry, single-use foodservice packaging is in abundance and has negative consequences for the environment. Sustainable alternatives must be sought out and implemented within the industry.

As a leading QSR in the industry, Mad Mex feeds masses of hungry patrons daily. For those who are in need of a quick and delicious meal, Mad Mex is ready to satisfy your needs. But the ramifications of single-use plastic on the environment and landfill are severe. Sustainable alternatives must be adopted.

Within the quick-service restaurant industry, single-use foodservice packaging and disposables are frequently used for the sake of practicality and food safety. The environmental impact is significant, ranging from how the materials are sourced to the disposal options once used.

With over 70 restaurants across Australia and New Zealand, the Mexican street food restaurant set out to make a change for the better and set an example within the industry.

Mad Mex made the conscious decision to team up with BioPak in a bid to reduce the negative environmental effects caused by single-use plastics. Recognising the demand for sustainable packaging amongst customers, Mad Mex created a custom BioPak range.

Head honcho at Mad Mex, Clovis Young, decided to switch to BioPak in order to combat their contribution to landfill by adopting sustainable and compost-friendly products, as well as waste management systems. Not only did Mad Mex choose to use BioPak’s range of sustainable foodservice products, but they also had two custom-made sugarcane trays designed specifically for the Mexican restaurant, including a do-it-yourself taco kit to be released soon. Speed and presentation are vital for Mad Mex. BioPak was more than willing to provide a solution that worked. Environmental sustainability was a must amongst the Mad Mex team, as well as practicality. Due to the fast-pace of the industry, easy ordering and fast delivery were essential for day-to-day operations.

As Mad Mex discovered, switching to compostable packaging is a simple step that makes a big difference, especially when large quantities of food and drink are consumed. By choosing BioPak products, Mad Mex has offset its packaging carbon emissions in 2017 by 395 tonnes and diverted 51 tonnes of plastic from landfills.

By simply switching to BioPak, Mad Mex is preventing the creation of harmful emissions, reducing waste-to-landfill, and removing the need for conventional plastics within quick-service restaurants.

The trays and compostable products were a huge success amongst customers – Mad Mex received positive feedback for their new range of products.