Four Chefs Mastering Takeaway Sustainably

Four Chefs Mastering Takeaway Sustainably

Australians have gone in and out of lockdown more than we can count. The one thing we can all enjoy without breaking any restrictions is takeaway food! If you can’t go enjoy a meal at your favourite restaurant, at least you can still indulge in the comfort and safety of your own home. But how much extra waste are we creating when we eat out of containers instead of off the plates your food is usually served on at restaurants?

Although we’ve seen a huge shift in the compostable packaging industry, especially with single-use plastic bans coming in place across the country, there are still some stragglers who refuse to give up conventional plastic takeaway containers.

Did you know contaminated food containers cannot be recycled? Think greasy food and oily curry that stain those plastic tubs, unfortunately, they cannot be recycled and made into new plastic products, so what’s the solution? 

BioPak offers a range of certified home/commercially compostable food packaging, which not only allows you to compost your packaging, but you can throw it in your compost bin with any extra food scraps or leftovers.

We spoke to a few of our customers who have had to pivot from a traditional, busy, sit down restaurant, to creating a similar experience at home. As the demand for takeaway food has skyrocketed since the country has plunged into lockdown, some of our more conscious chefs thought it only right to serve their food in packaging that doesn’t add to Australia’s enormous waste problem.

“There have always been perils to opening and operating a restaurant but COVID has added an extra one, having to turn your small bustling restaurant into a takeaway venture. We are lucky at Lankan Filling Station as our food is well suited to travelling however it is still a challenge to make that happen smoothly and nicely. One of the biggest hazards though is having to suddenly deal with endless packaging and the environmental concerns that go with it. We try our hardest to maintain sustainable practices in the restaurant and we needed to reflect this in our takeaway offerings as well. Biopak products are great as is a much more sound and sustainable option. They are also very stylish.”

- O Tama Carey, Chef & Owner at Lankan Filling Station

Lankan Filling station pivoting to sustainable packaging in COVIDLankan Filling station pivoting to sustainable packaging in COVID

Lankan Filling Station made the swap to sustainable packaging options during COVID

“I honestly decided to start making meals only to give my eldest son a job – he lost both his part-time jobs in hospitality and did not qualify for any government payments as he had been there less than 12 months. I thought I would just cover his wages. I did not want to do takeaway if I contributed any more plastic waste to the earth. That was of fundamental importance to me. My friends at Going Green Solutions showed me the BioPack range and it was a no brainer. I have customers who thank me for using compostable packaging. I have even asked the fruit shop and butcher not to package my orders in plastic as I aim to be a zero-waste business.“

– Kelly Meredith, Owner, Under the Pickle Tree

Under the pickle tree preparing food in BioBowlsUnder the pickle tree preparing food in BioBowls

Kelly & son

“We moved to takeaway by creating a menu that maintained our high standards for our food and taste that could be enjoyed at home. BioPak packaging was high quality and met our standards as our aim is always to be a sustainable and eco-friendly company. 

Our food is entirely plant-based and one of the many reasons why we believe in a vegan diet is that it is the most sustainable diet for our planet and we wanted our takeaway packaging to meet the same standards.

Sustainability has always been one of our main goals at Calle Rey and we believe we are able to achieve this through our food which is 100% plant-based and therefore not only good for the planet, our health and animals, but it is also full of flavour and provides customers with an enjoyable experience whilst achieving this. Our company behind Calle Rey aims to share our love and passion for plant-based food with others and do our part to contribute to a more positive and sustainable world.”

- Madison Cohen, Owner 

"The process was sudden, we had to change the menu so that the takeaway food maintained our high-quality standards after it was served, serving food at the restaurant table is very different to the takeaway food, with some exceptions.

 At Calle Rey, we are committed to preparing cruelty-free food and at the same time, we are committed to the environment, for this reason, we try to reduce our impact by using compostable and biodegradable packaging.

One of our commitments and goals is also to preserve the environment and share our plant-based food."

– JC Miranda, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Calle Rey Mexican in BioPak PackagingCalle Rey Mexican in BioPak Packaging

Calle Rey serving their food in our BioCane clamshells and FSC™ (License code FSC™ C110879) catering range 

“I decided to open my small food business Mangan Yuk! by Nicole Authentic Foods in August 2020.  I already researched a lot of other Bio packaging as well but none of them fit with what I need. I want to be more eco-friendly because I'm aware of climate change and the problems of plastic, so even in my personal life, I always try to do the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. I'm aware of how we in the Hospitality industry have so much waste and using a lot of plastic (especially cling wrap, this is a big problem as well) using something biodegradable makes me feel better and hopefully can reduce the amount of unprocessed waste as well.” 

– Nicole Mangan Yuk, Owner

Mangan Yuk opted for BioCane clamshells and containersMangan Yuk opted for BioCane clamshells and containers
Mangan Yuk using BioCane takeaways Mangan Yuk using BioCane takeaways

Mangan Yuk opted for BioCane clamshells and containers