COMPASS GROUP: Customer Going Plastic-Free

Espresso Alley barista holding BioPak art series cup

Our partnership with Compass Group New Zealand (Compass) is achieving good environmental and social benefits. We provide environmentally-friendly takeaway coffee cups to most Compass healthcare sites in New Zealand every year. Compass’s specialist healthcare services brand, Medirest, is the food and hospitality services provider at each site.

Espresso Alley Barista Jessica (pictured) is a big fan of the BioPak Art Series cups used by Compass Group across many of its healthcare sites in New Zealand. Jessica is part of our great Middlemore Hospital team.

Through our partnership, Compass and its customers have offset 1,104 tonnes of CO2 emissions since 2015. This is equivalent to 464,005 litres of fuel saved; or, 6,356,220km travelled in a vehicle; or, taking 436 cars off the road. As part of the Rainforest Rescue initiative, Compass’ support has led to 113 seedlings being planted.

“Our on-site cafés and Espresso Alley coffee outlets are becoming increasingly popular at hospitals across the country so we’re pleased that we can provide, through our partnership with BioPak, carbon-neutral cups to customers,” says Medirest Chief Operating Officer, Julian Baldey.

“These cups are also part of an art series introduced in 2015, which encourages people to re-use as well as recycle. We’ve had tremendous feedback from customers about the artworks, with many people saying they ‘save’ their cups for re-use as the designs are so good.”

In addition to the artworks, a dedicated customer education awareness campaign and competition ‘Cup of Cash’ was run in 2016 to create more awareness among consumers. Gisborne resident Hineari Hom won $10,000 while caring for her son at Middlemore Hospital. She had bought a coffee and won the prize, bringing much-needed good news to her family.

“Our commitment to sustainable packaging makes us a natural choice for Compass,” says BioPak spokesperson, Paul Wardrop.

“Our mission is to provide solutions with design cues taken from nature. To manufacture products that have a net-zero environmental impact, taking into account every aspect from resource extraction, through to production, distribution, consumption, and final disposal.”

What people are saying …

“Thank you for the amazing cups. It may seem like nothing to some people but what a nice surprise to see something so beautiful [and] to put a smile on my face on such a low day. I always use my takeaway cup until it is falling apart… wish I could have one of every design. They just put a smile on my face and changed my mood drastically.”

“[The cups] are amazing and just brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to share some amazing photos of me with my amazing cups. I can’t bear to throw them away in the rubbish when I am finished.”

Compass Group