BioPak Has Started Manufacturing In Australia

BioPak Has Started Manufacturing In Australia

We are always striving for ways to minimize our impact on the environment and support and give back to the communities in which we live, and with that comes our long-term commitment to manufacturing our products in Australia.

We are excited to have started the journey with our brand new 2&4 cup carrier tray, which is made in Australia with 100% recycled paperboard, followed by our corrugated BioBoard boxes and trays which will transition to our local manufacturer in the next few months. 

When purchasing locally made products, you are supporting the economy at every level – creating jobs, strengthening local industries and supporting local communities.  And as the pandemic highlighted, higher importance must be placed on local manufacturing to ensure we can sustain ourselves in the case of future supply chain disruptions and shortages.

Locally made products also have a lower carbon footprint as they spent less time in transit using fewer fossil fuels used and less carbon is released into the atmosphere over the products lifecycle.  By purchasing locally made, you will also benefit from shorter and faster delivery times. 

Watch this space as we transition all of our corrugated BioBoard range over the coming months, look out for the Australian made logo on your cartons. 

Shop our new Australia made 2&4 cup carrier tray here and our BioBoard range here.