ROLL'D: Uses Fresh Sustainable Packaging

Rice paper rolls sold at Coles come in bioplastic container.

Roll’d is a genuine family business with its roots embedded deep within the Vietnamese culture where the very fabric of their existence is based on kinship. You are a brother, sister, uncle or aunty whether you are related by blood or not. 

In 2021, Roll’d served over 5.2 million customers across its nearly 100 stores across Australia. They have a strong focus on customer service excellence.

Rice paper rolls, aka soldiers, are a very popular Vietnamese food. They contain fresh ingredients, rolled up in a rice paper sheet.

Soldiers are sold via the Roll’d stores, but due to the massive popularity of these products, they were approached by Coles to help increase their distribution via 120 Coles stores across Australia providing a quick, healthy, convenient meal alternative for the masses. Roll’d also created a concession store in one Coles supermarket in Victoria where they sell numerous Roll’d fresh products.

Roll’d Concession Store at Coles Moonee Ponds in VictoriaRoll’d Concession Store at Coles Moonee Ponds in Victoria

Roll’d Concession Store at Coles Moonee Ponds in Victoria

The Roll’d Vietnamese offering is all about freshness, so the packaging for Roll’d products needs to last hours, not lifetimes. Given the growing popularity of Roll’d, its founders flagged the need to find a more sustainable approach to packaging their popular rice paper rolls that wasn’t damaging to the planet.

When purchased at Coles, BioPak developed sustainable packaging for the Roll’d Soldiers. They now come in a clear PLA (plastic made from plants not oil and fully compostable) container with an FSC Certified sleeve which not only keeps the rolls in perfect condition during transit, but looks great too (and can be fully disposed of in the compost bin).

Additionally, Roll’d stores were early adopters of the BioPak plant-fibre based, fully compostable soup spoon, which is currently the ONLY soup spoon approved to be used in South Australia following the most recent single-use plastic bans. They also use the FSC(™) certified chopsticks and wooden cutlery.