Winner of 2 gold PIDA packaging awards 2022

Winner of 2 gold PIDA packaging awards 2022

Coordinated by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), the 2021 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA) Awards are designed to recognise companies and individuals who are making a significant difference in their field in Australia and New Zealand. The Sustainable Packaging Design of the Year award recognises companies that have developed innovative packaging or processing solutions that incorporate sustainability considerations.

BioPak wins in the compostable sub-category

BioPak reigned supreme in the Compostable sub-category, where it picked up a silver for its FSC Paper Spoon Straws, and two gold awards.

The first gold was for Sugarcane Pulp Hot & Cold Cup Lids, created to match and fit the BioPak eco-friendly hot and cold paper cups already available.

The innovation ensures the lids hold onto cups firmly with a distinctive snap feel when applied to cups. The lids are certified home and industrially compostable to Australian standards (AS4738/AS5810) and made from plant-based, renewable resources and are PFAS free.

Switching from single-use plastic packaging derived from finite fossil resources to sugarcane packaging makes a big difference. If a large QSR swapped out 10 million conventional plastic lids to sugarcane pulp BioCane alternatives they could avoid 37,400 kgs of fossil-fuel plastics, offset 83,478 kgs of carbon emissions and if all were composted at home, the organic waste would create 25,900 kgs of nutrient-rich soil which in return sequesters even more carbon from the atmosphere, reversing climate change.

The second gold was presented for the BioPak FSC Rectangle Paper Containers (BioPak).

Many people are not aware that plastic takeaway containers that are contaminated with food (think greasy curry, pasta and other oily foods) cannot be recycled and putting them in the recycling bin can jeopardise the entire bin of recycling.

The new FSC certified rectangular paper containers have been designed to replace plastic take-away containers. They are PLA bioplastic-lined to allow them to carry hot, greasy foods without spoiling or breaking. The PLA bioplastic lining is made from rapidly renewable materials. The footprint of these renewable materials is smaller than that of traditional plastics derived from fossil resources – Ingeo bioplastic for instance, has a footprint up to 80% lower.

Until now, using bioboard, BioPak have only been able to manufacture round paper bowls. However, with new machinery and tooling, they have been able to achieve the rectangular shape with the performance of a round paper bowl.

An average cafe using these containers will be able to avoid 455 kg of plastic a year using these alternative BioPak FSC paper containers and lids. Industrially compostable to Australian AS4736 standards they are independently tested and verified to completely biodegrade within 120 days in a commercial compost facility, the end product is a non-toxic, nutrient-rich compost. BioPak have also created a new brand-agnostic network called Compost Connect that connects foodservice businesses to industrial composters to help compost all certified compostable packaging and food scraps. So far, Compost Connect has diverted over 1500 tonnes of waste from landfill, equivalent to taking 1,100 cars off the 975 cars off the road.

Others winners include:

  • Reuse/Refill- GOLD- Koh Kerbside Recyclable Spout Pouch Refill pack
  • Recycle/Recover- SILVER- Detpak Recycle Me Noodle Cup/ Huhtamaki for Maggie Recipe base 
  • Recycle/Recover- GOLD- MaCher Australia for the Royal Australian Mint Coin Packaging, Nestle for Smarties Range Paperisation
  • Renewables- GOLD- Brownes Dairy- Australia’s Most Sustainable Milk Cartons
  • Industrial- SILVER- Opal & JBS Dunnage Solution
  • Recycled Content- GOLD- Etch and Ethos bottles 
  • Closed Loop Collection- GOLD- Nestle Australia for the KitKat prototype recycled content wrapper.