BioPak winner of APCO Annual Packaging Awards 2021

BioPak wins APCO Packaging Future Awards 2021


The annual APCO Awards ceremony celebrates Australian organisations leading the way in sustainable packaging design and innovation. The APCO Annual Awards ceremony showcases Australian industry’s commitment to delivering the 2025 National Packaging Targets and building a circular economy approach to packaging in Australia.

The winners of the 2021 APCO Annual Awards are:

Sustainability Champion Award – Richard Fine, BioPak

Since founding BioPak in 2006, Richard has been a true champion of compostable packaging. A leading proponent of the need for compostable packaging to be collected with food waste and a driving force behind progress towards both the National Packaging Targets and the National Food Waste Strategy Targets, Richard is at the forefront of the industry. In recent years, Richard has led the establishment of an organic waste collection service, enabling BioPak customers to divert organic waste and compostable packaging from landfill.

Our Packaging Future Award for Improved Collection and Recycling Systems – BioPak

BioPak’s Compost Connect provides the foodservice industry access to products, services, and information to participate in a circular and regenerative system by recovering and recycling food waste and certified compostable packaging. Structured as a collaborative, open, not-for-profit organisation, Compost Connect allows businesses to identify suppliers of certified compostable packaging and connect to organic waste recovery and recycling service providers.

Other winners include:

  • Sustainable Packaging Excellence Award – Kellogg Australia
  • Our Packaging Future Award for end-market leadership – Nestlé Australia
  • Our Packaging Future Award for Packaging Sustainability Education – Industry Education – Coles
  • Outstanding Achievement in Industry Leadership – CHEP Australia
  • Outstanding Achievement in Sustainable Packaging Outcomes – Austcor
  • Outstanding Achievement in Sustainable Packaging Operations – Beacon Lighting
  • High Performing New Member Award - Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co

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