Frequently asked questions: BioPak Compost Service

BioPak Compost Service


What is Compost Connect?

Compost Connect is a not-for-profit composting initiative developed by BioPak, to help connect foodservice businesses to composting services and divert waste from landfills.

From as little as $1 a day, you can divert your food scraps and compostable packaging from landfills and avoid the methane gas this would produce there.

Previously known as the BioPak Compost Service, Compost Connect currently has 18 compost partners, servicing 2,200+ suburbs across Australia and New Zealand. Find your local business composting service below and turn your ‘waste’ into nutrient-rich compost. Businesses who also join the Compost Club to be featured on the Map get extra perks on top of saving the planet!

BioPak supports the adoption of reusables wherever possible, but there are circumstances where reusables are not viable.

Where single-use foodservice packaging is the only viable option, using compostable packaging and implementing an organics waste stream is the most sustainable choice. In the foodservice, industry packaging is often soiled with food residue. This is seen as contamination by the recycling industry, meaning that even if the packaging is technically recyclable, it will actually end up in a landfill.

Composting is a circular economy solution that processes food waste and compostable packaging in the same waste stream. This allows businesses to reduce their environmental impact by diverting waste from landfills instead of having it turned into nutrient-rich compost.

Benefits of composting:

  • Composting helps fight climate change by sequestering carbon into the soil and avoiding methane emissions from landfills.
  • Compost is nutrient-rich, allowing farmers to grow more food locally without the use of chemical fertilisers.
  • Compost is an amazing soil conditioner that helps retain moisture and fight droughts.

How do I join Compost Connect?

Joining Compost Connect is easy!

  1. Go to Compost Connect to find your closest composter and request a quote.
  2. Sign up and you will receive a back of wheelie bin ready for weekly collection at the frequency you choose.
  3. Fill your bins for regular collections.

Where does Compost Connect operate and what are the fees?

Compost Connect offers commercial organic waste collection in over 2,200 postcodes across Australia and New Zealand. Pricing varies by location, please request a quote from your local composter.

Do you service once-off collections like events?

Yes, we service once-off collections in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Pricing is case-by-case depending on location, bin size and the number of bins. Email for more information.

Do you collect from offices?

Yes, please ask your office Building Manager to get in contact with us at

Do you collect from residential customers?

Unfortunately, at this stage, our compost service does not cover residential buildings. We recommend you contact your local council for support in composting your organic waste or you might find a neighbour nearby who is keen to share their compost bin with you on the ShareWaste website.

Can I join the service if I am not a BioPak customer?

Yes, you do not need to be a direct customer of BioPak but you need to be using packaging that is certified to AS4736 standards. Our compost partners only accept packaging that has been certified compostable to these standards. BioPak is the only food packaging company with foodservice ranges certified to the Australian certification AS4736 for commercial composting.

If you are a business or an organisation that doesn’t use foodservice single-use packaging, please email us at

Can you accept other brands of compostable packaging?

Our compost partners can only accept packaging that is certified to AS4736 standards. We can only accept packaging if the company name is officially listed on the Australasian BioPlastics Association website as a verified compostable packaging provider. BioPak is currently the only food packaging company with food-service packaging certified to the AS4736 standard.

I use BioPak for takeaway products – will customers really bring the packaging back for composting?

Many Compost Connect members report that their customers love the initiative and do bring their cups and packaging back for composting. We encourage cafes to offer a loyalty card scheme, where each BioPak product returned for composting earns a stamp towards a free hot drink or treat.

Will you provide me with marketing collateral and education materials?

Yes! Compost Connect provides a wide range of promotional and educational material to communicate the benefits of choosing to divert your organic waste from landfills. Promote your sustainability efforts with your free Compost Club pack. Your suite of marketing collateral includes a window sticker, a bin sticker, a composting Do’s & Don’ts poster and your front-of-house paper compost bin.

You will receive a free Compost Club pack for every venue that you sign up for a compost service. We also sell additional compost club packs at the cost price of $26.

How does BioPak's partnership with GoTerra work?

In the ACT, BioPak has partnered with GoTerra, an innovative organics recycling business using bioconversion to process organic waste. Organic waste is fed to their black soldier flies who consume multiple times their body weight in food waste and compostable items each day. Once the flies reach a certain size, they are harvested and used as animal feed.


Can I purchase the compost I've created?

We don’t sell compost ourselves but you might be able to buy some directly from our compost partners.

What goes in the organics bin?

You can place any type of food scrap, leftover, spoiled or out of date food into your organics as well as compostable packaging that has been certified to Australian standards (AS4736).

This includes:

  • BioPak certified compostable products
  • Fruit and vegetable peels and scraps
  • Meat and seafood scraps and bones
  • Eggshells
  • Dairy products
  • Bread, pasta, rice, cereal
  • Coffee grounds and chaff
  • Tea bags
  • Out-of-date food (processed or fresh)
  • Confectionery
  • Processed food
  • BioPak compostable bin liners.

What will happen to my organics?

Your organic waste will be transported to a commercial compost facility where it will undergo several stages of processing and maturation. In 12 weeks time, it will be a high-quality compost ready for application to land.

For more information, watch "BioPak Compost Service - How does composting work?" video.

What will happen if I put the wrong things in my organics bin?

The wrong materials in your organics bin could contaminate a whole truckload of organics. Contaminated bins will not be collected and you could be charged a futile or contaminated bin fee. Contaminated bins will need to have the contaminants removed, or be collected by your general waste collection provider.

Will my organics bin smell and attract pests?

Food organics can create some odour as they decompose and are exposed to heat. This can be minimised by lining your kitchen bin with compostable bin liners and having the bin emptied into your back-of-house wheelie bin regularly. The back-of-house wheelie bin should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Account & Billing

What is the shortest compost contract duration?

12-month service is the shortest contract length we offer for the compost collection service. Trial periods are available in some areas at the discretion of our collection partners. Email for more information.

What are the BioPak Compost Service billing terms?

You will be billed by our Compost Partners directly. BioPak does not profit from this service and simply connects customers with the Compost Partner available in their area.

I want to join but I do not know what bin size I need?

Email and our team can assist you in determining what bin size will be right for you.

Are wheelie bins provided for collection?

Our Compost Partners can provide you with a bin (a small rental fee may apply) or you can use your own wheelie bin if you have one.

Can I change my bin size while I'm in contract?

Yes, you can change your bin size once during your contract. This can be arranged with your Compost Partner directly.

What if I have less than 120L of organic waste per week?

120L is the smallest bin size we can collect, except in Cairns (20L buckets). We recommend considering partnering with another local business to share a bin if this is the case.